We greatly appreciate your visit and we are pleased to see you here.
To save your time, I will not talk long about each particular software development and IT technology we can utilize to serve any of your IT needs.
We can use any, but instead I want to take an opportunity to offer you something different and more valuable.
We have an understanding, we have responsibility and we have tailored approach. Those are the only tree simple things that make us different from a next-door competitor.
We understand the value of TIME, synergy and long-term business partnerships. We are responsible for everything we make for you by being highly educated and professional.
We have an in-depth expertise to effectively build custom software solutions for your specific business needs by having years of experience, learning from every project and customer.
Business Automation has the only mission: to be a long-term and effective business partner with a human face for every individual entrepreneur or enterprise who is in need for custom software development services, powered by rich business domain expertise and unique knowledge.
I am looking forward to see you as Business Automation friend. I am sure you will enjoy our work ethics, and your business will be contributed with superior and effective advantage of US & European IT Talents.

Sincerely yours,
Edward Zaim,
CEO & Founder

We are Business Automation

a full-service software development company.

Business Automation provides onsite, nearshore & offshore technology support and IT outsourcing services for almost 21 companies on a long-term basis. Our clients are located in USA, Canada, UK, Europe. We operate as a group of companies that includes Web Factory Group LLC., Business Automation Ltd. With a headquarter in USA our main Research and Development center is located in Romania.


Founded in 2015, Business Automation has been creating innovative, high-quality custom software for over 3 years. We are a professional company, focused on software application development & integration, web & mobile programming.


Business Automation employs a full-time staff of 18+ including project and sales managers, software architects and developers, QA specialists and technical writers
Our employees have strong object background, business and communication skills
All of them have a master degree, and many of them have successfully passed Microsoft certification tests


Using Rational Unified Process Methodology in everyday practice, we are consistently successful in managing IT projects, from initial requirements to fully tested and documented products. For time & material projects Agile based work style is also used.


Software development & integration, business automation, web & mobile development, finance, transportation, logistic, mobile & insurance industries.


  • Telecom Consulting Professionals
  • Fleet Tracking & Maintenance Professionals
  • Transportation Companies
  • Logistics Solution Providers
  • Location Based Solution Providers
  • Mobile Commerce Solution Providers
  • Banking & Financial Solution Providers
  • Insurance Companies & Solution Providers
  • Mobile Development Professionals
  • IT Consulting Professionals

We keep pace with the world leading IT trends and our developers have complete professionalism in high-end technologies. Our clients get their projects with the use of

  • Business Automation Systems
  • Complex Back-end Solutions
  • Data Migration
  • Billing, Accounting, Mediation
  • Mobile client-server applications
  • Value Added Services Dev & Integration
  • Client Relation Management Systems
  • GPS Tracking & Dispatching
  • Payment Systems

We do everything to make all our collaborations long-term basis ones, so we look for individual decision for each client and project, offer an Agile-based work style.

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